Why salmon?

Vikings, fjords and the northern lights. Well, that’s not all that Norway has to offer.

Let us introduce you to Amata Power salmon protein powder.


With the fastest nitrogen uptake salmon protein helps revitalize your exhausted muscles before you can say"salmon protein powder".

It contains low molecular weight peptids, tripeptids and oligopeptids and absorbs even faster than hydolyzed whey protein which was unheard of until now.



Besides salmon protein’s exceptional absorption its digestibility is outstanding as well. Your body can easily break down the amino acids it contains since they are 98% digestible. This makes it a great nutritional food in many medical cases too, such as post-surgery.

Salmon protein was compared to whey protein hydrolyzate and isolate to test its digestive properties during a test. The results speek for themselves. Salmon protein provides 44% more usable nitrogen than whey protein isolate and 16% more than whey protein hydolyzate over a 2-hour period after consumption.

There’s no better way to recharge your muscles than giving them the highest quality and fastest absorbing protein.

You can read more about this test by clicking HERE.



Being a hydrolyzed protein - with low molecular weight peptids - makes Amata Power highly soluble. It’s so smooth that you don’t have to worry about protein powder clumps anymore.

You can mix salmon protein with water, however it’s easily soluble with any kind of juice or milk too.


Instead of the usual thick protein shakes, salmon protein is like a glass of lemonade. It’s easy to drink and we guarantee that Amata Power won’t cause bloating or discomfort. It’s light on your stomach, there's no need to skip a meal when you drink Amata.



We recommend you to mix one serving (32g) with 400-500 ml cold water to get the best tastes. Using less water might cause you to taste traces of fish or too much flavor.

Fortunately your taste buds can get used to the new experience pretty fast so don’t get upset if you didn’t like your first try. Your second and third shakes will definitely taste better. Pay attention to the water-powder mix ratio though!



We were very careful when choosing our ingredients. Amata Power is free of most allergens. It contains no dairy, no soy, no nuts and no gluten.

Salmon protein powder is a hypoallergenic product due to its patented manufacturing process. In most cases it won’t cause any fish related allergic reaction. However we suggest you to talk to your doctor or dietician about using Amata Power if you’re highly sensitive to fish products.

Please note that Amata Power is manufactured in a facility which processes products containing gluten, eggs, soy, milk and nuts.


Salmon protein powder is made using a unique enzymatic extraction technique which operates at very low temperatures. This avoids oxidation and keeps micronutrients like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc and phosphorus intact.



A number of studies verify the benefits of salmon protein consumption. Some of them may seem pretty dry but feel free to dive in and read more about each study by clicking on the links.


Salmon protein increases iron uptake.


Salmon protein decreases body fat.


Salmon protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis.


Salmon protein boosts nitrogen absorption.