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Salmon protein for the recordbreakers

  • 87% protein content with extremely fast absorption.
  • Super easy to digest, say goodbye to feeling bloated.
  • Contains no dairy. Perfect for paleo diet.
  • Keto-friendly. Sweetened with stevia only.
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What Olympians and professional athletes say

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Dániel Kóger

Ice Hockey

"I've been having trouble with dairy lately which has made it hard for me to get all the supplements I need. Amata Power's salmon protein is dairy-free and has helped a lot with recovery from different injuries I've had from playing hockey."

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Dalma Sebestyén


"I love that Amata uses salmon protein! It's so much healthier than a lot of other available proteins and it's surprisingly easy to digest. I usually barely feel like eating after a workout, but Amata Power's protein shakes are so smooth, I can drink one and be back in the water soon enough."

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Ákos Keller


"As a professional basketball player, I have to eat a lot to keep my energy and strength levels up. I'm glad that Amata Power has finally come out with a protein shake I can drink knowing I'm consuming the highest quality ingredients with the least amount of carbs."

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Why salmon protein is the new wave?

With the fastest nitrogen uptake salmon protein helps revitalize your exhausted muscles before you can say "salmon protein powder". It absorb even faster than all kinds of whey protein due to its low molecular weight peptids. This was unheard of until now.

Your body can easily break down the amino acids it contains since they are 98% digestible. This makes muscle building and regeneration more efficient and helps you get back on track faster after serious injuries.

Being a hydrolyzed protein makes it highly soluble in water. It’s much easier to drink than the common thick protein shakes you’re used to and it won’t cause you heavy stomach or bloating.

Amata Power is free of most allergens. It contains no dairy, no soy, no nuts and no gluten.

Made from Norwegian salmon

Fastest Nitrogen uptake

Super easy on your stomach

Customer reviews

"For years I would drink whey protein after doing sports, which usually made me feel full and bloated for hours. Now, salmon protein is so light that it feels like drinking a glass of water."

Gergő Elekes

"I was slightly worried I wouldn’t like it, but all flavours are surprisingly good! I could never drink milk-based supplements because of my paleo diet, and plant-based has never really worked that well. I’m glad I found Amata!"

Martin Takács

"I’m a perfectionist when it comes to supplements. My coach was the first one who recommended Amata salmon protein and I’m glad I gave it a shot. It’s less like a creamy milkshake than whey protein, which I really don’t mind. Results are what matter."

Gréta Szente

Gergő Elekes

Martin Takács

Gréta Szente

Amata promises

High quality

Health comes

No added sugar,
only stevia

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