We make you break your records

It’s gonna be a tough ride, but Amata will take you where you need to go.

Once you’re there, those records will be yours forever.

Until we make you break them again.

Mindset is everything

All my life I’ve been crazy about sports, especially basketball and track.


As a kid I had little motivation to get to my 8 AM classes. But you know what? I never missed a single practice, whether it was at 6 AM or 9 PM.


I was chasing my best results everyday - highest jump, biggest dunk or fastest sprint. You name it. All the hard work seemed to pay off pretty quickly – my strength and speed increased like lightning.

Actual footage

Around my 18th birthday life slapped me in the face with a serious ankle injury. I lost my speed, my power and I was starting to lose my mindset.


This was a real wake-up call for me. I had to focus even harder on every single detail.


I cut junk food out of my life, partied less and searched high and low for the best supplements to re-boost my power.


I started to use whey protein, but it made me sick to my stomach ’whey’ too often. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


I felt that whoever was selling it never really cared about my health. They only cared about looks.

Even though my whole rehab process felt like a nightmare, it taught me a lot and put me on the right track to chase my biggest dream yet.


It’s called Amata Power.


Whether you’re on a mission to break your records or rebuilding the best version of yourself, we’re here to make sure it’s better for you. It’s faster. It’s stronger. It’s healthier. It’s Amata.

Join us on the journey of the greats and get all the help you’ll ever need the best tips, the best recipes and the best supplements.


Whether you’re inspired by just one of our ideas or take advantage of everything we have to offer, what we want YOU to do is challenge yourself and BREAK YOUR RECORDS!


You don’t have to be a professional athlete – all you need is the Amata mindset. That’s what makes us professionals.


Remember, mindset is everything!

Team Amata

Csaba Illés Founder



Hey! I have this vision: Amata Power. Let’s make it happen, guys. Who’s in?

Zsófia Csáki Food Engineer


Mmm, sounds great! It won’t be easy, but I’ll help you make it taste goooood!

Ádám Illés Future Novelist



I've got your back with the blog, bro! Let me hear your thoughts on crossfit. I’ll be your ‘protein-Shakespeare’!

Joshua Brownwood English Copywriter & Screenwriter


That's cool, but don't even try to write in English. Let me handle it!


Perfect! Do you wanna hear about my favorite workout routine?

Balázs Horváth Crossfit Level 1 Trainer


Hold up! We haven’t even seen you in the gym for weeks.


Haters gonna hate...

Dániel "Fox" Horváth Strength & Conditioning Coach


You know we're the ones who push the toughest all the way to God mode.


That's true.

Imre "Jimbo" Bernáth Rehab Specialist & Acrobatics Trainer



Let's teach them to do double backflips too!

Renáta Molnár Sports & Rehab Specialist


Don't worry, I'll make sure no one gets injured.


That'll be great!

Dániel Kóger Professional Athlete


All you guys are doing is dreaming it and tasting it and telling it and writing it and scripting it flipping it. Too bad I’m the only one of you actually pushing it to the limit.

Milán Szabó Marketing Specialist


Hey, we need to let people know Amata exists. Give me the #bestfunctionalworkouts and your #bestproteinpowder so me and my friend Google can show off.

György Kocsis Sales Manager



Trust me, the internet isn’t everything! Never underestimate the old school ways of doing business.

Zsolt Krutzler Content Creator


You guys want me to make Amata videos?


That'd be awesome!

Zsombor Simonváros Photographer


A photo of the founder is a must on the website, right?


I'm afraid it is.


You're lucky I'm the master of Photoshop.

Attila Ács Graphic Designer

Do you have any ideas for the logo?

Yeah. Circle of Life and golden ratio.


Anything else?

Golden. Ratio.

Győző Deme Accountant


Wait a minute! Is that all the money we’ve got? You need a wizard, not an accountant, buddy!

Péter Rácz Supply Chain Manager


I’m getting confused. Are we actually making any products or what?


That’s not the point, Peter! We gotta make them BREAK THEIR RECORDS!

Klaudia Krizsán Nutritional Scientist

How about we take a break and have a bite of this paleo protein cake I made today.


Mmm, can you tell us the recipe?


I can tell you all the recipes I’ve got. Except one!

Dr. Attila Illés Electrical Engineer

Be careful, son! Very deep water, business is.


Sure, Dad.


Don't worry though. I have your back!

Dr. Ilona Galajda Illésné 1962 - 2017


In honor of the most precious member of our team.

Be sustainable

You have one body to live in and one planet to live on. Let's take care of both!


We don't mean to give you a whole TED talk on how bad the global damage is - you can probably see it for yourself. Unsustainable farming, plastic pollution and rapid wildfires. They're all connected.


Earth is one giant living organism and everything we do has an impact. Be conscious of your actions! Be sustainable!


Instead of using plastic, we've decided to jump off the bandwagon and serve you with a wooden spoon. They're easy to wash and reusable as many times as you wish.


You might be worried about too many trees being cut down to make these, which is why they're optional. Whenever you place an order, you can choose whether you need a free wooden spoon or not. It's up to you!

We also have stainless steel shakers and they're stylish AF. To hell with plastic!

Treat your stainless steel shaker right and it will last you a lifetime. Maybe even your kids' lifetime.


Handwash them to keep the paint intact!

Yes, we are aware that we use plastic jars... Hopefully not for too long! We've been working hard on finding a sustainable, but convenient way to bring you Amata.


We've even teamed up with 4Ocean, a company that helps reduce the world's plastic waste. These guys are truly committed to cleaning up our waters.


1% of every purchase goes to supporting their cause, so your choice will have a big impact on keeping our oceans and beaches clean.

Speaking of sustainability, the precious Norwegian salmon used to make Amata Power has been certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization.


Generally, when people think of salmon, they think of the fine fillet. But what about the rest of the fish? Should it go to waste?

Our Norwegian friends use the entire fish when making the salmon protein powder found in Amata Power. The message is clear: Wasting food is not cool. Let's start giving a shit! Be sustainable!